Summertime in Wisconsin is hot and sunny with beautiful scenery and warm evenings – it doesn’t get better than this! It may seem like an odd time to think about heating options for your home, but actually, there’s no better time. The winter months will be here before you know it. Are you ready to tackle the cold this year with your current hearth option? Or are you looking for some changes?

Start looking at your options now by giving the professionals at Fire Factory a call to learn about them, and we’ll have a new heating system installed and ready to go before the cool weather hits. If you are thinking about a new stove, there are three main fuel source options: wood, gas, or pellet. All three of these fuels have positives and negatives, so the trick is choose the option that’s the best fit for you.

Wood burning

The best thing about a wood burning stove is they are environmentally friendly. You are responsible for the heat source, so you decide the type of wood to burn – whether you buy the wood or go out and collect them. Wood is a renewable resource, so it’s not difficult to find. However, you may not want to bother with all the work involved in burning with wood, finding it and curing it. Burning wood also produce by-products that can leave a creosote build-up in your chimney. Regular cleaning and maintenance by professionals is absolutely necessary, and you also need to clean the ashes on a regular basis.

Gas burning

if you want a easy to use option, then a gas burner is the way to go. There’s no need for chopping or cutting wood, no need for laying the wood to get a fire going, and no ashes to clean up either. All you have to do is a flip of a switch, and then you have heat. A gas burning stove also keeps the air in your home clean. On the downside, they are more expensive to run. Although you can get a vent-less system, this is not a safe option and some states don’t allow vent-less systems. An even option is a direct vent system.

Pellet burning

If you want to be environmentally-conscious, but you don’t want the work of cutting your own firewood, then you should consider pellet burning option. Pellet burners burn pellets made from cured wood, which is a renewable resource. They are more convenient to store than wood, and they are also easier to start a fire and maintaining it. However, wood pellets are more expensive than cutting your own wood. Because it is a wood product, you will need to have your stove professionally cleaned, along with cleaning out the ashes regularly too.

Call the Experts

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