Looking For A High-Efficiency Wood, Gas, Or Pellet Insert To Enhance Your Home? You’ve Come To The Right Place!

When your masonry fireplace stops working or you realize it’s causing so many draft problems and conditioned air loss that it’s really not worth using, it can be difficult to decide the best course of action. Should you seal it off? Should you invest in a whole new fireplace? We know it can be difficult to decide which direction to go, but have you considered a new, highly efficient insert?

Inserts are metal fireboxes that are inserted into the fireboxes of existing fireplaces. Installation doesn’t require any demo or construction and will allow you to continue to enjoy the look of your existing hearth and mantel. But the best part? With a new insert, you can say goodbye to conditioned air loss, inefficiency, downdrafts, and summer or winter air entering your home through the chimney. Sounds good right? But which fuel should you choose?

Wood Inserts — If you love burning wood, but just wish it was more efficient, cleaner-burning, and less messy, a wood insert is the answer. These appliances are unbelievably efficient and burn wood more completely than open fireplaces of old, which means more heat output, less waste, and less cleanup.

Gas Inserts — Are you ready for a change? If you’ve always had a wood-burning fireplace but there’s just not time in your lifestyle for the fire building, stoking, stacking, chopping, or cleanup anymore, a gas insert is a great solution. With a gas insert, we can transition your wood-burning fireplace to gas-burning so you can enjoy a fire when you want one, for as long as you want one. Just turn it on at the end of a long day and turn it off when you’re ready to go to bed. It’s as simple as that.

Pellet Inserts — If you want the warmth and realism of a wood fire but you wish it was just a bit more convenient and that you didn’t have to chop and store big piles of wood, a pellet insert is great. Pellet inserts are fueled by composited wood waste that can be purchased in bags of all sizes, large and small. So no matter how much or how little storage space you have, there’s no problem. Plus, modern pellet inserts come with modern features that make lighting the fire and keeping it going easy and pretty much hands-off.

Now that you know some of the perks of each type of fuel, visit the Wood Inserts, Gas Inserts, or Pellet Inserts page (whichever fuel type you’re leaning towards), and start comparing the best models and brands on the market.

Have questions? Would you prefer to see your options in action? Looking to learn more about each and get professional advice? Stop by our Showroom, Monday-Saturday! We carry top brands like Pacific Energy, Morso, Supreme, Enerzone, Mendota, Valor, Ambiance, St. Croix, and Hearthstone, and our experienced and knowledgeable professionals are here to help you with your decision. We also offer after-hours appointments, so if the hours on our Contact page don’t work for you, no worries! Just call us at 262-377-5809 and we’ll get you set up.


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