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Over the years, we’ve grown more concerned with the environment and efficiency, and have come to want more than just heat from our wood fireplaces. The good news is, today’s wood fireplace manufacturers offer fireplaces that meet all of our needs: high heat, high efficiency, low emissions, and all the charm and style you crave. And we’ve got the best of the best right here in our Showroom.

From the traditional beauty and strength of cast iron to the streamlined, modern look of brushed brass, we’re proud to offer our customers in the metro Milwaukee area an extensive and diverse selection of quality wood-burning fireplaces. Whether you have a large space or a small space, a love for classic design or contemporary design, there are plenty of models to fall in love with right here in our Showroom. And the best part is, all of the brands we carry are committed to producing the most efficient and environmentally-friendly products possible.

What Brands Will You Find In Our Showroom?

We carry RSF, Supreme, Valcourt, Enerzone, Pacific Energy, Majestic, Astria, Hearthstone, and Isokern wood fireplaces. All of our wood fireplaces are highly efficient, American-made, EPA-approved, and crafted with the latest technology.

  • RSF offers EPA-certified fireplaces with large viewing areas, handmade firebrick lining, and low emissions. These beautiful fireplaces are designed to burn overnight (to keep you warm all night long) and provide more heat with less creosote. Some models are capable of heating an entire home, and some are see-thru and can add charm and style to two different rooms.
  • Supreme offers zero clearance and see-thru model fireplaces. Features include blowers for even heat distribution, “easy-light” technology, built-in BBQs, automatic air control, and ash lips for easy cleaning.
  • Valcourt wood fireplaces are high performers and provide an efficient overnight burn (so you don’t wake up to a cold home). These meet the highest EPA emissions standards and provide ample viewing space for enjoying those beautiful flames and hot embers. Customize your fireplace with single and double door options; brushed nickel, painted black, or Victorian-style faceplates; and door overlay options. 
  • Enerzone is known for their zero-clearance fireplaces and offers rustic-looking options, black cast iron options, and brushed nickel options. When you’re looking for “more than just a heating solution,” Enerzone is it.
  • Pacific Energy offers wall-mount fireplaces and has something for everyone — whether you’re looking for the arched door look, a metallic black style, or a stainless steel-trimmed fireplace. These fireplaces also rely on airwash technology to keep those big, beautiful viewing areas clean and clear.
  • Majestic wood fireplaces are known for their beautiful brick-patterned interiors. Customize yours for that stunning herringbone look or the timeless masonry look. Features include bi-fold glass doors, front damper handles for easy opening and closing of the flue, clean-faced designs, and heat-circulating/radiant heat options. Whether you’re looking for innovation, energy-efficiency, high quality, or style, Majestic’s got it.
  • Astria offers statement fireplaces in Plantation styles, Georgian styles, and Craftsman styles, but offers minimalist, clean designs as well. With these fireplaces, you’ll enjoy longer-burning, more continuous fires, expansive viewing areas, and that true masonry look. They also feature airwash technology for a great view, fire after fire, and ceramic glass for your safety and warmth. Have a tight space but long for a see-thru option? Astria has it.
  • Hearthstone zero clearance fireplaces provide that classic stove look with all the warmth and efficiency you long for.
  • Isokern fireplaces are constructed of volcanic pumice and built to last forever. These modular systems feature a straight-back interior design and are crafted to provide maximum heat for you and your family. They also allow you to customize the look of your fireplace, without worrying about sacrificing functionality.
Wood burning fireplace with beautiful stone craftsmanship on hearth and surround.
High efficiency wood burning fire place beautiful brickwork surround with tools and decorated mantel.
Are you looking for an experienced and attentive fireplace expert to help you decide which brand and model is best for your space? Give The Fire Factory a call at 262-377-5809 or stop by our Showroom and discuss your heating needs and priorities with one of our honest and helpful professionals. We’ll answer any questions you have, walk you through your options, and show you the best and most beautiful wood fireplaces on the market. When it comes to high efficiency and beauty, our fireplaces just can’t be beat. Call or stop by today!


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