Large Space Or Small Space, Classic Or Contemporary, We Have A Wood Stove For Every Space & Decor

Do you have a small space that could use a little supplemental heat and charm? What about a large space? Wherever you’re looking to add style and warmth, a wood stove is a great option! Modern wood stoves offer heat using a readily available, affordable, and renewable resource (wood), and produce less emissions and pollution than traditional fireplaces.

Here at The Fire Factory, we proudly carry the finest and most efficient wood stoves available. The brands and products you’ll find here in our Showroom are EPA-approved and designed with both the homeowner and the environment in mind. In our experience, it doesn’t get any better than a Pacific Energy, Morso, Hearthstone, Enerzone, or Supreme wood stove.

  • Pacific Energy brings state-of-the-art efficiency and ease of use together for a high performance, EPA-approved wood stove that will last and last. Choose from a variety of style options, including retro white or red porcelain stoves, classic black stoves, contemporary stoves, soapstone stoves, or true cast iron beauties with cook tops in a variety of colors. Choose your leg finish, your door finish, your color, and more, for a custom stove that fits your decor. Other features include an air wash system for a clean view, an easy-to-clean ash disposal system, an air injection system, and an easy lighting system. For large spaces, small spaces, 4-hour burn times, or 10-hour burn times, there’s a Pacific Energy stove for every situation.
  • Morso’s radiant, cast iron stoves offer high efficiency; high heat; easy-to-clean grates, ash trays, and ash pans; and air wash technology to keep your view clean and clear. Choose from small models, long firebox models, cylinder-shaped options with feet and log drawers, pedestal styles, low-base styles, stoves with large storage spaces, soapstone models, and more.
  • Hearthstone wood stoves are constructed with soapstone-lined fireboxes and are some of the best for bringing you heat well after the fire’s died out. Whether you’re heating 1,000 square feet or 3,500, looking for a modern, cylindrical soapstone stove that rotates to provide a view where you want it, or you’re shopping for a traditional cast iron style stove that provides heat for up to 14 hours, you’ll find it with Hearthstone.
  • Enerzone crafts classic and contemporary stoves with clean lines and sophisticated style. Customize your stove with colored panels and black or brushed nickel-plated doors, and choose from models with wood storage areas, legs, or pedestals. Whether you’re looking for a large stove or a small stove, Enerzone wood stoves really pack a punch.
  • Supreme brings stunning design and functionality together in their see-thru freestanding stove with built-in BBQ grill. Enjoy easy light technology, a removable ash lip, powerful blowers for heat distribution, and automatic air control. Choose from metallic black with stainless steel panels, metallic black with honey-glo brown side panels, metallic black with almond side panels, metallic black with mojave red side panels, solid metallic black, or charcoal finishes.

If you’re in the metro Milwaukee area, stop by our Showroom to see our beautiful, EPA-approved wood stoves up close and in action. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff can answer any questions you have as you shop and tell you everything you need to know about each model. Stop by today — if our hours aren’t convenient for you, you can always call us at 262-377-5809 to request an after-hours appointment. We’re happy to accommodate!


A really convenient way to get heat right where you want it in your home is with a new stove, and it doesn’t get any more convenient than one of today’s gas stoves!  Ask us for details.

Black wood free-standing stove with tall stove pipe.
Black wood stove in front of tan slab rock of different sizes with tall stove pipe.