Get The Fire Going Fast With Our Fire Starters

You shouldn’t have to spend all of your relaxation or grilling time trying to get the fire started — and with our fire starters, you don’t have to. Here at The Fire Factory, we’re proud to offer our customers the best fire starters on the market so you can get the fire going fast and with little effort.

  • Georgia Fatwood comes from Georgia’s pine trees and is resin-filled, hard, and resists rot. This wood is highly flammable which makes it a great fire starter, even when wet or when it’s windy out and you’re lighting up the fire pit.
  • Meeco’s Red Devil fire starters are available in a variety of forms, including gel, squares, and pellets. Whether you have a pellet, corn, coal, or wood appliance, get the fire going fast and without residue ash with Meeco — even in wet conditions!
  • Burner fire starters are non-toxic and odorless and can safely get the fire going, even in wet conditions. With these waterproof fire starters, you don’t have to worry about flashback, the mess of a liquid or gel, or any negative effects on your food (if cooking over the fire pit or grill).

Whether you’re grilling, lighting up the fire pit for a night of entertainment, or lighting up the fireplace for a night of relaxation, get the fire going the easy way with a safe and reliable fire starter from The Fire Factory. If you have any questions or would like directions to our Showroom in Cedarburg, call 262-377-5809 — we’re here to help!


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