Boost Your Fireplace’s Efficiency & Convenience With A Gas Insert

Are you looking to convert your fireplace to gas with a new gas insert? Gas inserts are a great solution for those looking for a fuel-efficient fireplace that’s easy to use, enjoy, and maintain. These inserts are highly-efficient and help put a stop to down drafts and air loss through the chimney. Because the insert is installed directly in your existing fireplace for a tight fit, it keeps outside air out and inside air in, which means more heat and less waste.

Some Of The Benefits Of A Gas Insert

  • High-efficiency ratings. Gas inserts are known for their high efficiency ratings (58-85% vs 5-10% with an old, open-hearth fireplace)
  • Easy to maintain. Forget about the work and cleanup — just light your fire with the touch of a button, use your remote to adjust your heat and flame settings, and push a button to turn the fire off when you’re ready to hop up and head out.
  • Don’t require a chimney. Gas inserts can either be vented directly or through an existing chimney, so if you lack a chimney, no worries.
  • Low emissions. Gas inserts don’t produce ash and creosote, which makes them great for homeowners looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Ready to see the best of the best? We’re proud to offer our customers throughout the greater Milwaukee area top-notch gas inserts from the following brands:

  • Mendota – Mendota gas inserts are designed to provide a full view of the dancing flames and to provide the most realistic-looking fire possible. Whether you want a statement insert or a simple insert that keeps all the attention on your fireplace facing, Mendota’s got it. Enjoy convenience, efficiency, and hours of enjoyment at the touch of a button. Mendota offers direct-vent inserts that allow you to keep indoor air quality high, and no matter how big or small your fireplace opening is, there’s a Mendota to fit perfectly.
  • Valor – Valor is the #1 insert company in North America and is known for making reliable, high-quality gas inserts with comfort controls and high heat output. Choose from decorative arch options, clean and contemporary portrait styles with large viewing areas, and classic stove styles. Valor gas inserts are also available in zero clearance models and can even be retrofitted when fireplace facings are uneven or unusual in size or shape.
  • Ambiance – Offering both radiant and convection heat, Ambiance gas inserts are amazing heat producers with incredibly high efficiency levels. Choose your interior finish and decorative surround, and choose from logs, river rocks, or glass beads for your fire bed. Whether you prefer a more traditional look or something a bit more modern, Ambiance has it.

If you’d like to see these beautiful inserts up close and in action, it’s time to stop by The Fire Factory Showroom, conveniently located here in Cedarburg. We carry the best inserts in the industry and can help you determine which is best for you and your space. Call us at 262-377-5809 for directions, hours, and after-hours appointments. We’re here to help, from selection to installation!


A pellet insert means you’ll be burning composite wood waste for a cleaner, more complete burn. Ask us about all our insert options today.

Nice gas fireplace insert surrounded by tile and bookshelves on each side.
Authentic Victorian gas insert with white hearth, mantel and surround.