The Best & Most Reliable Wood, Gas & Pellet Stoves Are Right Here In Our Showroom

We all want to run the heat less each winter, but we also want our homes to be comfortable. Most of us are guilty of layering up to try to keep heating costs low, but another great way to combat high utilities and keep warm all year long is to invest in a stove. Stoves make great zone heaters and they don’t typically require as much space as a fireplace would. Additionally, they can be installed in virtually any room and don’t require a masonry chimney for venting.

Is a stove what your master bedroom, master bath, office, or family room is missing? Let us help. We carry wood, gas, and pellet stoves from Pacific Energy, Morso, Hearthstone, Enerzone, Supreme, Valor, and St. Croix, and can show you the best of each category and brand. But first things first, here’s a bit about each type of stove:

Wood Stoves — Wood stoves are truly classic and have been loved and enjoyed for decades upon decades for their heat, charm, and easy to find fuel. But today’s wood stoves are so much more efficient than the stoves of the past, burning through fuel more completely, and offering homeowners more heat using less wood. Modern wood stoves are better for the wallet, the home, and the environment — a win, win, win.

Gas Stoves —If you love the idea of adding a stove to your home but you want something that’s pretty hands-off and easy to maintain, a gas stove is your best bet. No fire building, no ash cleanup, just easy, fast fire when you’re ready to relax. And if you’re worried about realism, don’t be — today’s gas stoves provide authentic-looking flames and logs.

Pellet Stoves — Pellet stoves are the happy medium for many homeowners because they run on fuel made of compacted wood waste (which means they provide great heat and true flames) but offer more convenience and control like gas (self-cleaning features, flame control, and self-feeding hoppers to keep the fire going). Pellets are available in a variety of bag sizes as well, which makes storage easier and allows the homeowner to choose the right size for his or her budget and storage space.

Are you looking for a great zone heater to bring some charm, warmth, and relaxation to a space in your home? Check out our Wood Stoves, Gas Stoves, and Pellet Stoves pages to see and compare some of the best products out there. Want to see any models in action or browse with the help of an expert? Stop by our Showroom! We’re open Monday-Saturday and we even offer after-hours appointments for your convenience. Just give us a call at 262-377-5809 for hours, appointments, or directions. We’re here to help!


You can upgrade the efficiency and beauty of your existing fireplace with one of our wood, gas or pellet inserts. Ask one of the trained staff members at The Fire Factory for more information today.