Now that the holidays are here, you might be thinking of ideas for a great Christmas present for someone special on yourBlack Gas Stove and Vent Christmas list: you! Maybe you would like a different look for your home, like a new carpet or some new furniture. If you’re looking for a more dramatic new look, then how about looking into a different way to heat your home? If you’re looking for just the perfect appliance for your home and your lifestyle and you live in the metro-Milwaukee area or any of the surrounding communities, then the place to go is The Fire Factory. No matter what type of heating appliance you’re looking for, you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect thing one for your home right there. Whether you’re looking to redo your fireplace or add a new heating appliance, you will be able to find a wide range of styles and options. Not only that, but our knowledgeable and friendly staff will give you advice on any questions you have! The first thing you’ll have to do is decide what type of appliance you’re looking for. Whether you’re interested in gas, wood, or pellet burners, we can help you out!

Gas Stoves

If you’re looking for a convenient way to heat your home, then gas might be the way to go. Once there’s a gas line that’s been laid to your home, all that needs to happen is to have your gas appliance or logs installed and the gas line hooked up and you’ll be ready to go. The best thing about a gas stove or a gas log set is that it’s hooked up to a wall switch, so to turn it on, all you’ll need to do is flip that switch and you’ll have flames going. If you’ve seen gas stoves in the past and you’ve not been impressed by the pale blue, weak flame, well, you’ve got quite a surprise waiting for you. Today’s gas flames are natural-looking and warm, and you’ll be happy you’ve decided to go this route! Some units are connected to a remote control, and you won’t even need to get off your comfy couch to turn on the fire. When you’re ready to turn in, just flip that switch again and you’ll be ready to go. No need to worry about the flames burning out or the coals dying down; just flip the switch and you’re good to go.

If gas is the way you want to go and you already have a fireplace, then we can help you find a gas log set that looks just the way you want it to look. There are different types of wood looks available, and also different styles of log set-ups, so no matter what look you’re going for, we can help you find it. These sets bring charm and ambiance to any room, whether you’re going for a traditional or a more modern look. Not only this, but gas is an environmentally friendly option as well.

Wood Burning Appliances

Even though gas is a convenient option for homeowners, for some, there’s just nothing like having a real wood fire burning. If this sounds like you, then we can also offer you some great options there. There are definite benefits to wood burning, not the least of which is that you actually get to go out and get a work out by cutting your own wood! This is a very inexpensive way to add a supplemental heat source to your home. All you need to do is find a place that has trees that need to be cut down, then go on out and cut one down and split the logs, then take them home and stack them. This needs to happen at least six months before you actually burn that wood because it needs to be good and dry before you burn it or it will cause creosote build-up in your chimney and smoke in your room. One of the best things about burning with wood is that it is a renewable resource.

Another great thing about burning with wood is that you can choose the mood of the evening by the type of wood you burn! Different woods, harder woods, burn hotter, and that means that the fire will burn longer as well. Softer woods offer a shorter, milder burn, perfect for an autumn or spring fire. Different woods have different scents as well. For example, if you’re looking for a fruity smell, you might choose applewood to burn. For Christmas, pinewood is a great option. And who can resist a long burning yule log during the holiday season.

Pellet-Burning Stoves

If burning with wood appeals to you because it’s a renewable resource but you also like the convenience of a gas stove, then you should really try a pellet burning stove. The pellets are made from pressed wood particles, and they are stored in a hopper until you want to burn a fire, when you hit a switch and an auger carries them into the stove and you have a fire! This is a convenient and efficient type of burning method, but if the electricity goes out, you won’t be able to use this stove because it needs electricity to auger the pellets in.

Let Us Set You Up

With the New Year just around the corner, there’s no better way to add a new spark to your house than to invest in a new heating appliance. With everything you do for all the lovely people in your life, why not treat yourself and your family to the comfort and pleasure of a new heating appliance. Just stop into The Fire Factory and we can take care of all your holiday heating appliance needs!