Make A Statement & Add Convenience To Your Fireplace With A Modern Gas Log Set From The Fire Factory

Do you have a more modern taste and long for a gas log set or alternative that will really make a statement and fit with your decor? We’ve got you covered! Here at The Fire Factory, we proudly carry modern gas log sets and alternatives from top name brands like HPC, Hargrove, and Rasmussen.

  • Rasmussen gas logs are made from rubber molds of real logs so you can expect realism of the highest degree. They’re also reinforced inside with steel logs to keep the logs intact, even if heat is uneven. Unlike other options, these logs are stained, not painted, so you can expect a beautiful appearance, year after year. Rasmussen also offers more modern fire options in the form of FireBalls™, FireGlitter®, FireStones™, and FireShapes™. If gas logs just won’t fit with your contemporary decor, you’ll definitely want to take a look at Rasmussen’s modern fire bed options. Looking for a gas log stack or a modern alternative for your gas fire pit? Rasmussen’s got everything you need for your outdoor gas fire pit as well.


  • Hargrove gas log sets and fire bed alternatives are available for natural gas or liquid propane and offer beauty and style. From the beautiful white of Aspen Timbers and the distressed lure of Driftwood to the contemporary beauty of fire glass, fire beads, or River Stones, Hargrove has so many stunning options, you’re bound to fall in love. Like Rasmussen, Hargrove offers fire pit log stacks as well.


  • HPC offers beautiful indoor and outdoor fire logs, as well as media in lava rock, river rock, wood bit, sand, and decorative glass styles. Known for manufacturing some of the most beautiful and reliable products on the market, HPC is a great option with a great reputation.
Modern gas log set with flames.
Another one of our modern burning gas log sets.  Better yet come to our showroom.  Looks like driftwood.
Start shopping today! Stop by and see the many products in our Showroom located in Cedarburg. Our friendly and experienced staff can answer your questions and help you with your purchasing decision. We also offer installation services, so no matter where you are in the buying process, we’re here for you. Call 262-377-5809 for questions or to request an appointment with one of our professionals. We even offer after-hours appointments for your convenience — just ask!


When it comes to gas logs, you can’t beat our traditional log sets for beauty and dependable, durable service.