Shopping For A Highly-Efficient Gas, Wood, Or Electric Fireplace In The Greater Milwaukee Area? The Search Is Over

Ah, the fireplace. The charming and beautiful focal point of the home. On those cold nights, we all flock to the room with the fireplace to take the chill off and melt away the stresses and worries of the day. But even when the fireplace isn’t in use — like on those summer nights — it can still be a beautiful and charming focal point, which is why it’s one of the most desired features when shopping for a home.

As you can imagine, here at The Fire Factory, we’re passionate about fireplaces of all types. Wood, gas, and electric fireplaces all have their perks, and we’re proud to carry a wide selection of each to meet the heating and decor needs of our customers throughout metro-Milwaukee and the surrounding communities. Our fireplace brands include RSF, Supreme, Valcourt, Enerzone, Pacific Energy, Majestic, Astria, Hearthstone, Isokern, Mendota, Town & Country, Valor, Ambiance, Ortal, Marquis, Modern Flames, and Amantii, some of the absolute best and most trusted brands out there. Whether you’re looking to save on heating costs by investing in a fireplace that effectively provides zone heating or you’re really more interested in the ambiance that a fire provides, we can help you find the perfect fireplace addition for your home.

We know shopping for a new fireplace can be an overwhelming task and it can be tough to determine which fuel type will best meet your needs, but we’re here to help. Here are some of the benefits of and biggest differences between wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and electric fireplaces :

Limestone backing and hearth, wooden mantel and fireplace burning.

Wood Fireplaces  For decades, homeowners have enjoyed the affordability and availability of wood and the unbeatable beauty of a wood-burning fire, but efficiency and environmental-friendliness has never been a strong point for wood fireplaces…until now. Today’s wood fireplaces give the eco-conscious homeowner the ability to enjoy the classic charm and high heat of wood, without the guilt. That’s because today’s wood-burning fireplaces are cleaner-burning and more efficient than ever before and can provide longer burn times using less fuel. Now, that’s great news!

Gas Fireplaces — Gas fireplaces have always been treasured by homeowners with busy schedules and a desire to enjoy a fire without all the work and waiting, but gas logs of old were fake-looking and didn’t offer a very realistic-looking flame. But that’s changed. Today’s highly efficient gas fireplaces boast much more realistic-looking flames and hand-crafted logs cast from real logs for a more authentic look. Additionally, modern gas fireplaces offer even more convenience than gas fireplaces of the past. What’s not to love?

Electric Fireplaces —Electric fireplaces are great at making a statement and adding style, ambiance, and zone heating to a smaller space. Modern electric fireplaces can help you reduce energy costs by allowing you to heat the room you’re in without relying on your HVAC system. These fireplaces are also great because they allow you to turn the heat off and just enjoy the beauty of the flames, even during those hot summer nights.

Ready to start shopping for your next fireplace? Visit our Wood Fireplaces, Gas Fireplaces, and Electric Fireplaces pages to learn more about the amazing products we carry and install. And if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to us at 262-377-5809 or stop by our Showroom, Monday through Saturday. We’re here to help!


Consider adding a wood, gas or pellet stove to almost any room in your house for the perfect zone heating solution. We have them all here at The Fire Factory.