We Carry The Most Efficient, Advanced, And Stunning Gas Fireplaces Available

The beautiful, dancing flames are what we love most about fire. But for many homeowners, the time and effort that goes into stacking wood, building the fire, stoking the fire, and waiting for the fire to die out before leaving the house or climbing into bed is just not realistic or fitting for their lifestyles. Because the gas log sets of the past were so inauthentic-looking and the flames were a far cry from realistic, for years, a gas fireplace may not have been an attractive option for many. But if that’s what’s kept you from investing in a gas fireplace and enjoying a fire on your terms and in your time, it’s time to reconsider.

Modern gas fireplaces have come so far from the early models, and you just wouldn’t believe the realism and convenience a new gas fireplace can afford you. These appliances offer a convenient fireplace experience for those who want to be able to cozy up next to a warm fireplace, without having to worry about hauling logs or increasing indoor air pollution. Plus, they offer a safer fireside experience than most traditional open fireplaces, and you’ll never have to worry about fly away sparks or dangerous embers.

Beautiful modern gas fireplace in a bathroom beside tub.

Some Of The Benefits Of A Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are enjoyed by homeowners for many reasons:

  • They’re easy to use. With a gas fireplace, you’ll never have to chop or haul wood — simply turn it on or off with the flip of a switch.
  • They’re safer for pets & children. Flyaway sparks, floating embers, and sudden flame licks can make traditional fireplaces a hazard for kids and pets. But with a gas fireplace, you can put your worries to rest, knowing your loved ones are out of harm’s way
  • They’re remote controlled. Most modern gas fireplaces can be controlled by remote, so you can truly relax when you’re in front of your gas fireplace, without worrying about getting up to make adjustments.
  • They offer heat circulation. Many modern gas fireplaces have blowers that work to circulate heat through your home. This means you’ll enjoy more heat, in more places, without increasing your utility bills.
  • They can be enjoyed without a chimney. Gas fireplaces rely on venting systems, so you can enjoy a gas fireplace, even if you don’t have a masonry chimney in your home.
  • They’re energy-efficient. Worried about energy waste or fuel waste? Gas fireplaces are incredibly energy-efficient so you’ll enjoy lower emissions, less waste, and greater efficiency than you would with a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

Of course, even with all of their benefits, gas fireplaces aren’t right for every homeowner. If you want the rustic look, smell, and sound of a wood fireplace, you won’t find it in a gas fireplace. Additionally, you’ll want to consider the cost of natural gas in your area, as high fuel costs can make operation of your gas fireplace more expensive.

We’re Proud To Carry The Industry’s Best Gas Fireplaces

We’re passionate about fire and we think the models on the market today are absolutely stunning. Of course, that may be because we carry the best brands in the industry, including Mendota, Town & Country, Valor, Ambiance, Ortal, and Marquis.

  • Mendota offers many stunning linear, full-view/panoramic style gas fireplaces in a variety of looks. Customize your front, your doors, your finish, your interior lining, and your fire base to complement your living space. Looking for something less contemporary? Mendota also offers more traditional-looking fireplaces, including arched, classic, and open-hearth styles. Whatever look you choose, with Mendota, you’ll enjoy a highly efficient, environmentally-friendly direct-vent fireplace that produces low emissions and eradicates conditioned air and heat loss.
  • Town & Country’s gas fireplaces are “all about the flame,” and provide some of the most vibrant flames out there. And with their ceramic “disappearing” glass, there’ll be nothing standing in your view. See-thru and flush hearth/open-hearth models are available and options and features include beloved herringbone brick pattern interiors, battery back-up, electronic ignition, and smart home control system compatibility. Whether you’re looking for a fireplace that burns natural gas or propane, Town & Country has a gas fireplace that’s just perfect for your space.
  • Valor, “the original radiant gas fireplace,” leads the industry in cutting-edge designs. Crafted from high-quality materials and designed for optimal heat performance and efficiency, these gas fireplaces are sure to please, year after year. Choose from linear styles or Victorian arch styles; murano glass, rock and shale, or driftwood fire beds; single-view or multi-sided models; bronze or black brushed nickel finishes; and more. 
  • Ambiance offers both traditional and contemporary style gas fireplaces with a convenient remote control that allows you to manage the temperature, accent lights, and fan without lifting more than a finger. Style options include brick, ledge stone, matte black, tinted mirrored glass, grooved interiors, and decorative doors in a variety of colors. Worried about how realistic the fire will be? Ambiance gas fireplaces have incredibly realistic flame patters and embers, as well as hand carved and hand-painted logs. Does it get any better?
  • Ortal is where sophisticated design and clean lines come together. These direct vent gas fireplaces are available in so many different styles, there’s a model to fit every home and every space. Choose from modern, front-facing, corner, 3-sided, tunnel, space creating, and traditional styles.
  • Marquis gas fireplaces feature remote controls; fan kit options; screen barriers for the safety of your pets and kids; adjustable flame height; and fire bed options like decorative stones, rocks, or driftwood. The beauty and convenience of a Marquis is hard to beat.
Beautiful linear burning gas fireplace with marble surround.
Beautiful linear burning gas fireplace with marble surround.
Burning gas bronze fireplace with dark wood mantel and slate hearth.

Are you ready to make the investment and start enjoying all the perks of a gas fireplace, like low emissions, high-efficiency, and the ability to turn the fire on and off when it works for your schedule? We’re here to help. Whether you know exactly what you want or you need a little professional guidance, The Fire Factory’s team of knowledgeable and attentive experts are here to answer your questions, make recommendations, and show you the best of the best. Stop by our Showroom Monday-Saturday or give us a call at 262-377-5809 to schedule an after-hours appointment. We look forward to helping you choose the perfect gas fireplace for your space!


If you’re looking for the ambiance of a fireplace but don’t have the space, consider the benefits of a new electric fireplace…you won’t believe how good they look!