As winter wears on, things just seem to get more and more drab, both inside and out. It seems like the dark and dreary weather seeps into the house, and everyone needs something to break through the feeling of the doldrums that can occur. You might be tempted to do some major overhaul of the interior of your home, and a great place to start for that new look is with your fireplace. There are many different things that you can do to create a bright new look, such as a new chimney facing or a new mantel. If you’re up for a major overhaul, the chimney facing might be the way to go. There are many great styles to choose from which can change the look of your room. The problem is, this is more labor intensive, will take longer, and will cost more than some other fix-ups. A new mantel is another way to freshen up the look of your room. You can install a completely new mantel made from a different type of wood or other material and a new style of workmanship, or you can choose different types of decoration to put up on the mantelpiece. This is a less expensive way to spruce up the room, and can also be a way to add a personal touch that can be changed according to your mood or the season!

Purpose of a Fireplace Doorwhite fireplace in living room

Another approach to changing up the look of your room might be to change the fireplace door. But first, what is the actual purpose of a fireplace door? One big reason to have a fireplace door is to keep your home safe. They can keep sparks and embers from coming out of your fireplace, which can keep your furniture and carpeting from catching on fire. The doors can also keep your animals safe from sparks and also from getting into the firebox and playing in the ashes

Besides the cosmetic and safety reasons for having a new fireplace door installed, you might be interested to know that installing a new fireplace door can be a way to keep your home more energy efficient. Fireplace doors that fit tightly and securely can keep the warm air in while keeping the cold, outside air out of your home. If you have an old, brass fireplace door, you will be pleased with the savings on your energy bill when you install the right sized door.

Hire the Right Company

If you decide it’s time to replace your old, brass glass fireplace door, make sure that you call the right company for sales and service. At The Fire Factory, we sell the top brands and are also experts at installation, so you are sure to be satisfied with the new look of your fireplace. You’ll love the new look and the savings you’ll experience!