Have you always wanted a fireplace, but don’t want the mess of a traditional wood-burning appliance? For some people, the idea of cuttingLinear Fireplace wood, stacking it, and then bringing it in on a winter’s night, laying it just so, and starting a beautiful, snapping fire sounds like a great thing. For other people, though, that just seems like a lot of effort, especially at the end of a long day of work. If that’s the case for you, then you should give some thought to installing a direct vent gas fireplace.

Advantages of a Direct Vent Gas Furnace

There are some distinct advantages to installing a direct vent gas fireplace. For one thing, instead of the inefficient method of venting your fireplace through a chimney system, your fireplace is vented through two pipes running between your fireplace and an outside vent, one that directs fumes from the combustion process out of your home and the other that brings air from the outside in, which will aid in the combustion process. Not only is this more efficient, but it is also a much safer way to vent your gas fireplace.

Another great advantage of a direct vent gas fireplace is the ease in which you can get a fire going. All of that effort, the cutting, chopping, storing, laying, and cleanup, all of that can be avoided by installing a direct vent gas furnace. Just flip a switch and you can have real flames keeping you cozy all night long. And when you’re ready to retire for the evening, flip the switch off and you’re ready to go, no clean up required.

Space Saver

If you’re ready to commit to a direct vent gas fireplace but you just don’t have the room, a great option would be for you to install a linear gas fireplace. If you haven’t heard of this breakthrough in fireplace design, then you’ll definitely want to consider this. A linear fireplace fits right on your wall, and you can hang it where it goes without taking any extra floor space. Another great thing about the new linear gas fireplace is that, with many of the newer models that we sell at The Fire Factory, they can be controlled right through your phone!

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