This summer is flying by. It seems like only yesterday you were dreaming about hot days by the pool, summer vacations, and picnics in the park, and now summer is halfway over! You may have started the summer with a long list of plans on how to spend the days, from getting your house cleaned, clearing out the garage, and starting a new exercise program, to exploring new places around the state. Now that the summer is passing quickly, you might be looking at that list, worrying about all the things that you haven’t finished. But don’t worry! There’s still plenty of time to get around to the rest of those things, especially if they involve having a great time!

Backyard Parties

Summer is a great time to get together with friends and family! If you love having company but don’t enjoy getting the house cleaned up, summer is the perfect time to host a backyard get-together! Just set up some outdoor tables and ask your guests to bring some tasty side dishes, and all you’ll have to worry about is serving up a mouthwatering main dish! If you want to really get the party started, why not take this opportunity to go out and upgrade your grill?

Different Types of Grills

There are many types of grills out there. There are gas grills, charcoal grills, or electric grills, just to name a few. If you are looking for a new grill, The Fire Factory is the perfect place to go. We offer all types of grills: pellet, gas, ceramic, portable, table-top, and more.

Pellet Grills: if you are looking for a grill that offers convenience and real wood smoked flavor, a pellet grill is for you. It burns small wood pellets that are fed into the grill from a storage hopper, so with a touch of a switch you can have your grill up and running; give it a little time to heat up and you’re ready to grill. The pellets it burns come in a variety of wood types, so you can vary the flavor depending on the type of wood pellet you choose.

Gas Grills: if it’s convenience that you’re wanting, then a gas grill is the way to go. Fueled by a refillable liquid propane gas tank, a flick of a switch gives you instant heat and you can start to grill right away. Clean up is as simple as taking a wire brush to the grill.

Charcoal Grills: for those who want to get back to the basics, a charcoal grill is just the thing. Buying charcoal, setting it just right, and sitting back in your lawn chair with a cold drink, waiting for those coals to glow can be a relaxing way to visit with your guests.

Call The Fire Factory

At The Fire Factory, we sell these types of grills and more. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one grill that can roast, grill, smoke, or even bake or you want a more traditional grill, we sell a wide variety that will help you get the party started and keep it going. Call us for all your grilling needs!