When you hear the name The Fire Factory, you probably think of chimney inspecting or chimney sweeping. Those are two very important things that we do. It’s extremely important that you have your chimney inspected and swept at least once a year so that you can be sure that your creosote buildup is under control. When you burn a fire, moisture and chemicals are released in the form of smoke. When this smoke hits the upper part of your chimney, where the surface is cooler, it condenses and forms creosote.

Creosote is a highly flammable substance, and even as little as an eighth of an inch can catch a spark and cause a fire. This is one reason that we’re so careful to check out every part of your chimney when we come in and do an inspection. Another reason is that of damage. If your chimney has sustained damage from winds or even a hidden chimney fire, you’ll want to have that damage repaired before next fall so that you don’t start using it again while it’s damaged. This will ensure that no noxious gases are leaking back into your home and that the damage doesn’t get worse over the course of time.

Fireplace AccessoriesWe carry the best fireplace accessories

If, however, you think that the only thing that The Fire Factory is good at is inspection and sweeping, then you need to come on in and let us show you what we have in the store! If you’re looking for fireplace accessories, then we have got anything and everything you might want. We love the fireplace business, and that includes every element, including fireplace accessories! This means tool sets, grates, and fire starters, but there’s more. If you’re looking for fireplace cleaners, we have just what you need.

If you’re looking to make some changes to the aesthetics of your fireplace, we can show you many different ways to achieve the look you’re going for. A new glass door can change the look of the room, but if a door isn’t what you want, we also sell several different styles of screens to accomplish just about any style you might want. These are quick transformations at not much expense. But if you’re looking for a more permanent fix, we can help you out there, too!

Stone Facing

To really make a grand statement, you might want to go the way of new stone facing. At The Fire Factory, we are proud to sell and install authentic Halquist veneer stones, quarried right here in Wisconsin. This beautiful facing comes in six different collections, which means you can have the unique and beautiful fireplace of your dreams. For a final finishing touch, add a new mantelpiece which ties the whole room together.

For all your fireplace accessory needs, come to The Fire Factory.