There’s nothing quite like autumn in Wisconsin. The leaves colored orange, golden, and red, falling to the ground in the crisp fall breeze. The weather starts to change with the wind bringing cooler temperatures to remind you that winter is coming. Soon you’ll be snuggling up in front of a crackling fire with your lovely ones.

What better way to take advantage of these glorious fall days than to enjoy a backyard barbecue, with a new fire pit or fire table in your own backyard. If you’ve been thinking about adding something special like this to your outdoor space, then give The Fire Factory a call today. Our team can’t wait to help you find the perfect fire pit or fire table for your outdoor space!

Benefits of a Fire Pit or Table

A Fire Pit or Fire Table For Your Yard - Milwaukee WI - The Fire FactoryA fire pit or fire table is a wonderful place to gather around when the temperatures drop. You’ll love the feeling of having a warm fire to gather around with a fire pit or fire table. They are also much better than just clearing a space and building a fire in it because of the ambiance they offer. The right style, chosen with help from the educated staff at The Fire Factory, will set your yard apart from the neighbors. Fire tables come in all shapes and sizes, with the added benefit of having a spot to hold your drink.

Safety Comes First

As with any circumstances when you’re building a fire, safety comes first. You’ll want to make sure you pick the perfect spot to put your fire pit or table. It  needs to be far away from plants, trees, and buildings and on flat ground. It’s always important to teach children fire safety, whether it’s a fire pit, a fire table, or an indoor fireplace. However, you should never burn paper products in your fire pit or fire table.

The Fire Factory Can Help!

If you’ve made the decision to add a fire pit or fire table to your yard, give us a call at 262-377-5809 and we can help you choose the right fire pit. It’s always best to get a professional do the installation, and we can help with that too. Give us a call today so you can enjoy the great outdoors during the beautiful autumn weather!