There’s nothing as great on a cold, snowy Wisconsin night as snuggling down in front of a snapping, crackling wood fire. But the work that goes into that fire isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you aren’t a fan of cutting wood, stacking it, curing it, then bringing it in the house to lay the fire, not to mention keeping the fire burning hot and cleaning up afterwards, then you might like the idea of replacing that work with a flip of a switch! That’s right, by converting from a wood fireplace to gas, you can save yourself lots of work and still enjoy a warm and cozy night in front of a crackling fire.

Advantages of Gasgas firepalce burning

If you are thinking that a gas flame is a weak, blue flame that doesn’t do much to heat your home, then you are thinking about the gas fires of the past. Today’s gas fireplaces look realistic and many come with a blower which helps to circulate the warm air out into the room. There are other things that make gas a great option as well.

Probably the biggest advantage of a advantage of a gas fireplace. With all the work that goes into building a wood fire, sometimes it might seem like it’s just not worth the effort. If you love a fire but hate the fuss, then you need to look into the gas option. Your gas fireplace starts and stops just by flipping a switch, and it’s a continuous heat source without the work of having to continually add wood.

How to Convert Over

If you’re interested in making the switch from wood to gas, the first piece of advice to follow is to call in a Chimney Safety Institute of America certified professional like those at The Fire Factory LLC. We will check out your current chimney system and make sure that it is clean and functional and also make sure that your fireplace can adapt to a gas fireplace line.

Care of Gas Burners

It’s important to realize that, even though gas appliances don’t create great amounts of creosote buildup like wood fireplaces do, there is still maintenance required. Gas can leave corrosive build-ups on the interior of your chimney, and that’s a situation that needs to be monitored on a regular basis. This is another reason that you’ll want to call The Fire Factory LLC. Our quality, experienced personnel knows what to look for and how to get rid of any materials that may be causing problems in your chimney.

Give The Fire Factory LLC a Call Today

If you are looking to convert your wood fireplace to gas, The Fire Factory LLC is the first call to make. We can help you pick the right appliance for your home, install that new appliance, and then provide inspection and cleaning services for the lifetime of your appliance. Give us a call today!