It’s finally springtime, the last thing you want to think about is heating your home. However, now is actually the perfect time to think about installing a new heating source. Think back to those long, cold Wisconsin nights. Do you remember thinking about upgrading your heating appliance? When it comes to heating appliances, there are several options to consider.

At The Fire Factory, we offer wood, gas, and pellet burning appliances. We would like to tell you about each of the advantages and disadvantages, so you can pick the best options to fit your home and needs.

Wood Burning Appliances

pieces of wood piled

Burning wood is likely the first option people consider when thinking about changing or upgrading their heating system. There’s just something about a snapping, crackling wood fire, the smell, and the old-time comfort it offers. If you have a solid wood source, then this is a relatively inexpensive way to add a supplemental heat source to your home. However, when cutting your own wood, it’s important to cure the wood for at least six months for a cleaner, more efficient burn.

Pellet Burning Appliances

If you love the look of a wood-burning appliance, but you hate the work of cutting wood, curing, stacking, hauling, then laying it just right and keeping the fire going, then a pellet burning appliance might be a good fit. A pellet stove is environmentally friendly because it uses compressed sawdust as burning agent. It is highly convenient because you can buy these pellets at most hardware, lumber, or home improvement stores. These pellets are stored in a hopper, then are augered into your stove where they burn at an extremely high temperature to create an efficient heat.

Gas Burning Appliance

However, if the idea of buying and hauling wood pellets sounds like too much effort, than a gas burning appliance is the way to go. Back in the days, when people think of gas, images of a weak, blue flame comes to mind. Nowadays, gas burners burn with a natural looking flame, and once the gas line has been laid and appliance installed, all it takes is a flip of a switch to use them. Ready to go to bed? Flip the switch again and the fire is out. No cleanup or waiting for the fire to burn out anymore.

Call the Professionals

Whether you’ve made a decision about which appliance to install or you need advice, The Fire Factory is here to help. We offer a wide range of appliances, and we can even help you install them into your home. Trust us with all your fireplace and chimney needs!