Is a fireplace something you’ve always wanted? Is the one thing you miss in your home the cozy comfort of curling up in front of a crackling fire, enjoying the warmth while you watch the snow fall outside the window? The problem is, if you want to put a fireplace in, there’s a lot to consider. First, it costs a lot to install a fireplace. The brickwork is expensive, and on top of that, you’ll have to pay a lot to reinforce your floor enough to hold a brick and mortar fireplace and chimney system. If you are really serious about enjoying a fire on a cold winter’s night, there’s a different route you could take that won’t cost as much and won’t require such massive renovations, and that’s installing a stove.

Benefits of Stove InstallationWhy A Stove Might Be Right For You - Milwaukee WI - The Fire Factory

One of the big benefits of a wood stove is that it is a great heat source. To really save on your heating bill, just turn the furnace down and keep the rest of the house cooler while the room your wood stove is in will be warm and snug. Not only this, but wood is an inexpensive heating source, especially if you have access to or know someone who has access to a wooded area that they’d like partially cleared. If you enjoy the great outdoors and the exercise you can get from chopping your own wood, then you’ll love this activity!

If you choose a gas stove rather than a wood burning stove, one benefit is increased efficiency. Although wood-burning stoves have become more efficient over time, gas still has an edge over it when it comes to efficiency. Another benefit of a gas burning stove is that it is convenient. Your stove is hooked up to a gas line, so there is no chopping wood or even going out to buy seasoned wood. Instead, you can flip a switch and have a fire going immediately.

Another option is a pellet burning stove. With this type of stove, you use pellets that are usually made of pressed wood products and sawdust, which means they are a natural burning element. You don’t, however, have to go to the work of cutting down a tree to get that heat source because you can buy those bags of wood pellets. Pellet stoves are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. You store the pellets in a hopper, from which they are augured into the stove, where they get burned.

Get a Stove!

If you know you want a new heating appliance that will add a special ambiance to the room, then a stove could be the way to go! If you’re really serious about this process, give The Fire Factory a call today. We can assist you in picking out the stove that’s right for you as well as install it safely and properly. Give us a call today and we’ll have your new stove installed in no time!