There is a definite appeal to a space when a fireplace is present, especially when you live in Wisconsin. The winters are long, cold, and snowy, and that means plenty of cozy nights spent in front of a crackling fireplace. There is just no better way to relax than on your couch underneath a fuzzy blanket, enjoying a glowing fire while sipping a cup of hot chocolate and watching the snow outside your window falling peacefully.

The hassle of maintaining a wood fire

set of gas logsHowever, there’s a lot of work that goes into a well-maintained fireplace. It starts in the springtime with chopping down trees, cutting logs, then taking the wood and stacking it correctly so that the wind dry the moisture out of it. When the snow starts to fall and you want to enjoy a fire, you need to go out and get the wood, lay it properly, then get a good fire going in your fireplace. As the night goes on, you need to get up constantly to add logs to the fire in order to maintain your fireplace. When you are done with your fireplace, you have to clean out the firebox too. What a pain and hassle!

If you think it’s not worth all the work to just maintain one fire in your fireplace, then it might be time to look into installing a gas appliance. But what should you install? Gas logs or a gas insert? The experts at The Fire Factory can help you make that decision!

Differences in Gas Inserts and Gas Logs

The greatest benefit of both gas inserts and gas logs is convenience. Just flip a switch and you have a fire. There are differences, too. Gas logs are decorative in appearance. They look like logs and when you flip the switch, they appear to be burning like regular logs. They can be installed in your regular fireplace. However, they are not very efficient. So if you’re looking to add ambiance, this is a great way to go! However, if you’re looking for added heat to the room, you won’t get too much of that.

Now if you are looking for additional heat for your space, then you might want to look at a gas insert instead. Gas inserts are sealed systems, and this makes them more efficient. They can be vented or ventless. Ventless are more energy efficient, but vented are safer.

Call The Fire Factory

Whether you’re looking for the realism and ambiance of gas logs or the efficiency and heating qualities of a gas insert, you can count on The Fire Factory to help you make the best decision for you and your home. We are experts at what works best, and we can also help install them properly in your home. For a great all-around experience, make sure you give us a call soon!