If you’re in the market for a new heating appliance, there are several types to choose from and each has its own advantages. A wood fireplace or stove takes some work. You need to go out and chop wood, split it, stackLarge stone chimney with new gas fireplace it so it can cure properly, then lay the firewood when it’s time to build a fire and take care of keeping it burning. If you purchase that firewood, you can’t be sure how long it’s been cured, so you’ll still want to stack it and let it sit for some time. Although this seems like a lot of work, for some people this is a great way to relax, and watching the crackling fire just adds to the mood. If you want a free standing appliance, a pellet burner can be a great option. This cuts out the work of chopping wood because what gets burned is pellets made out of compacted sawdust that is augured right into the appliance. This makes storage a breeze, and it’s easy to just purchase the pellets, load them into the storage hopper, then flip on the switch and let the auger do the work for you. If you use gas for your fire, whether in a free-standing appliance or if you convert your fireplace to gas, the greatest benefit is how easy it is! If you want the comfort of a crackling fire but just want to be able to sit and enjoy it without all the work, then gas is definitely the way to go. All it takes is the flick of a switch to get a good fire burning, and you’ll be able to enjoy it until you are ready to retire. Then just flick the switch off and you can go where you need to go, without worrying about letting the fire die down or cleaning up afterward.

Even More Convenience

If you’re sold on the convenience of a gas burning fireplace, then you should know that there is a way to make this time-saving piece of equipment even more convenient. Add a remote! Adding a remote control to your gas fireplace means that you can turn your fireplace on without leaving the comfort of your couch. Not only that, you can also adjust the heat and flame settings. And if you’re ready to turn the fire off, you can do that without leaving the couch as well!

Call The Fire Factory to Discover Your Options

If you’re sold on the idea of switching to gas or if you already have a gas fireplace and want to add to the ease, give The Fire Factory a call today. We can find the right remote for your stove and get it set up before the cold Wisconsin weather hits! And when it comes to servicing your equipment, we’ll be there to help out then as well. Let us help you with all your fireplace needs.