There are lots of things to get ready for summer, like planting and cleaning out the house. When you get these things done, the rest of the summer is upkeep. Once the big jobs are done, the day to day tasks seem more doable. This means there’s more time to go out and do fun activities that you look forward to. Another important task is to have your chimney inspected and cleaned. This should be done by a highly qualified, CSIA certified chimney sweep company like The Fire Factory LLC. Additionally, you will want to get your deck ready for summer BBQs and cookouts.

Deck Readinesswooden deck on brick house looking over large green yard

The first step is to check that your deck is in good condition. This includes making sure there are no rotting or mildewed areas. You can tell if the wood is starting to rot by stepping on it to see if it is soft, splintering, or if the wood seems loose. Discoloration can also be a sign that your deck needs work. Living in Wisconsin means that your deck is going to be hit with precipitation year round, leaving it open to mildew. If you see signs of damage or mildew, you’ll want to check with the professionals to ask about repairs. If your deck is in good condition or once you have the repairs completed, you’ll want to have it treated.

It’s also important to have your deck sealed. Although you may be tempted to undertake this job on your own, it may be better to hire a professional. Save yourself the trouble and additional repairs down the line. You’ll want to make sure that the deck is cleaned up before we arrive. From there, we’ll use the proper sealant for your deck. This will ensure it can withstand the hot Wisconsin sun as well as precipitation. We’ll apply it evenly and smoothly, and when we’re done you’ll be able to relax on that deck all summer long!

Summer Relaxation

There’s not much that feels as good as sitting on your deck with a cold glass of lemonade while you visit with your family after a good day of work. Let us do the work for you so that you can spend that much more time out there, and you’ll know that the job has been done right! Let us do the dirty work for you!