As we head into fall and winter, does the idea of being cooped up in the house with the same old decor bother you? Is it time for a change of scenery? Maybe a fresh coat of paint or some new pictures on your walls Fireplace Makeovers - Milwaukee WI - The Fire Factorywould help. If you’re looking for a more dramatic change, however, think about redoing your fireplace. It might seem like this would be a time consuming, expensive task, but there are ways to do it without breaking the bank.

Simple Makeovers

One simple way to update the look of your fireplace is to install or replace your glass fireplace door. If you’re going for a new look in your home decorating and the fireplace door isn’t fitting into your theme, get over to The Fire Factory and take a look at what we have to offer. We sell products from several different manufacturers, so there’s sure to be something that fits your style. No matter what type of fireplace you have, we can find something to meet your needs. Whether you have a classic look, a more modern style, or a more rustic mood in mind, we have it. A glass door is a safety feature to keep sparks and embers from floating out of your fireplace and hitting the carpet or other items around your fireplace, but just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it can’t add beauty and panache as well. If you’d rather go with a fireplace screen, we can help you out there as well.

More Ideas

Although a fireplace door or screen is a great way to change up a room, there are other things you can do with your fireplace as well. If you’re looking for an even more dramatic makeover, you may want to consider adding stone facing. This will completely change the look of your fireplace and your room. Or maybe your hearth needs replacing or upgrading. The hearth is an important part of your fireplace system, protecting the area that’s most susceptible to sparks or popping embers, right in front of the fireplace. You’ll want to make sure that you pick a hearth that will be sturdy enough to keep your home safe. At The Fire Factory, we offer a wide variety of styles, whether you’re interested in the sleek, modern look that steel can give a room or the rustic look of logs, and we’ll make sure that your hearth is made to keep your home protected from sparks and floating embers as well.

A mantel plays the same role as the hearth, only at the top of your fireplace instead of on the floor. A mantel is an easy change to make, and we can help you there as well. Mantels come in all styles and add extra opportunities to brighten up a room because of the decorations you can add. An elegant vase of fresh flowers or old family photos in vintage frames can be a real focal point for the room, and simply changing the items you place on the mantel can change the look of the room from season to season and during the holidays.

No matter the direction you take to update your fireplace, the place you choose to help you doesn’t take much thought. The Fire Factory can help you with all of your fireplace makeover needs!