It’s summertime! After a long, cold, snowy winter, there is nothing better than sitting in the backyard on a lawn chair. The warm breeze, a cold soda, one of Wisconsin’s fine brews, and the smell of steaks sizzling on the grill provides a peaceful atmosphere. Or maybe you love nothing more than a great piece of salmon, grilled to perfection. Did you know you can throw veggies on the grill and finish your whole meal without heating up the kitchen? Some grills even have burners on the side so you can cook up delicious sides while the rest of the meal is cooking. There are different types of fuels for grills, and different styles of grills for different flavor creations. No matter what type of grill you’re looking for, come into The Fire Factory and we can set you up with just what you’re looking for!

Grilling Made Easy

Grilling by charcoal is a tedious process. One must soak the charcoal in lighter fluid and wait for it to turn gray before use. Quite an ordeal for a well-cooked piece of meat. Then came the gas and electric grills. These have made the grilling process so much quicker and easier! And grills can be very large as well, so you can cook a whole meal, from appetizers to dessert with the meat, potatoes, and veggies in between!

Pellet Grills

One type of grill you can buy is a pellet grill. A pellet grill uses little wood pellets that are made of compressed hardwood sawdust to burn. These pellets burn very clean, with no additives. These grills run on electricity and a rotating auger brings the pellets into the fire pot. The pellet grill is such an easy way to grill, and they are becoming increasingly popular.

Ceramic Grills

Another type of grill is the ceramic grill. The great thing about ceramic grills is that you can get really great heat control, whether you’re going for a low, slow cook or a very hot temperature. Because there is great heat retention, you won’t use as much charcoal, which is convenient and a money saver. These grills are also very versatile; you can use them at low temperatures to slow cook meat to make it extremely tender or use the higher heat to sear the steak. You can even bake in these grills. They are more expensive, but perfect for grilling fanatics!

Summer Grilling Enjoyment

At The Fire Factory ,we sell these types of grills and many more! Whether you are a grilling novice or master, we can give you advice and get you the grill of your dreams!