Fall brings so many good things such as roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, the cool chilly air, and pretty fall scenery with bright orange pumpkins decorating the landscape. However, there’s one important thing that most people should think about in the fall but often tend to neglect or forget. You should make sure that your chimney and fireplace system are ready to go when you’re wanting to build a fire on those snowy winter days.

Why Your Chimney Needs To Be Cleaned

white masonry chimneyIf you didn’t get your chimney cleaned and inspected during the spring or summer, then now it’s the perfect time to get your chimney cleaned. Even though you didn’t use your fireplace over the summer, the creosote buildup is still there. Creosote is a result of the smoke that comes from the fire. Water vapor is released when wood burns along with other chemicals such as carbon monoxide, methane, sulfur dioxide, methyl chloride, and acetic acid. The chemicals flow up the chimney and out into the atmosphere for the most part. However, some of it gets stuck to the interior of your chimney in the form of creosote.

When the warm smoke hits the cooler sides of the chimney, it condenses and forms a thick layer of gunk called creosote. This substance is very flammable, and when a stray spark floats up the chimney, it can catch and cause a chimney fire.

The Dangers of a Chimney Fire

Did you know that sometimes a chimney fire occurs, and the homeowner isn’t even aware of it? This is because there isn’t enough oxygen in your fireplace to feed a roaring fire. Just because you don’t know that it happened doesn’t mean that damage is not there. This is another important reason to have your chimney inspected.

When you call The Fire Factory, one thing that our trained professionals look for is damage to your flue liner. The flue liner is an important part of your chimney because it performs three main functions. Your liner protects the items in your home from heat transfer which could cause flammable items from combustion. It ensures that your chimney is the right size to run efficiently. The liner also keeps harmful gases from leaking into your home. If there is damage to the flue liner, you are looking at serious health issues, higher electric bills, or even more fire damage to your home.

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It’s not too late, fall is the perfect time to get a chimney cleaning before you put your fireplace to use! Give us a call today at 262-377-5809 to set up a fall fireplace cleaning today. We’ll give your chimney the attention it deserves so you are safe and sound all winter long!